This weekend is the big weekend for BarCamp Nashville.

BarCamp Nashville

BarCamp Nashville is THE event for marketers, designers, developers, and all other self-proclaimed geeks, to gather for free knowledge and fellowship.

If you have not registered, please do so now: BarCamp Nashville.

I will be moderating an SEO Site Clinic session. If you have never attended one of these before, it’s a great concept. This is where users volunteer their sites to praised and critiqued by everyone. Who are we kidding, there is usually more critiquing then praising?

I use the word “moderating” and not “speaking” for that reason. This is not a presentation. There is no outline. The session will go as good as the volunteers allow it to go.

Bring your websites and even your client’s website. Be prepared to take the constructive opinions, sometimes harshly. However, it’s all to benefit your site and your business objectives.

This is where we come together to help each other out. We discuss what works and what does not work. We open our bags of tricks and share with others in the community. Ultimately, that’s the whole essence of BarCamp.

Join me at SEO Site Clinic at BarCamp Nashville.

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