The Display Campaign Optimizer is a recent tool by Google that optimizes ad placement based on a targeted CPA. The goal is to deliver as many conversions as possible at the lowest cost possible.

The Display Campaign Optimizer takes into account landing page and ad quality, similar to the quality score formula. Because it’s on the Display Network, the Optimizer also looks at the content of the site where the ad may (or may not) appear. There is also a demographic and geographic element thrown in to improve the quality. All this together tells Google the “optimal” place and position to display the ad in order to deliver the most conversions at the lowest price.

The most important element in this big Display Campaign Optimizer is time. Time is tells which sites really perform the best. As a fan of the Display Network, this is always something I have done on my own. I would analyze site placements, remove non-converting sites, and increase placement on good sites.

If Google can help with this process then I am willing to give it a shot. Only time will tell if their automation is better than me “eyeing” the stats myself.

Let me know what you think of the video.

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