Blogger Birthday Gifts

Blogger Birthday Gifts

No, this is not a top 10 gadget list. This is not a Christmas list for the geek in your life. However, there are things you can do to celebrate your favorite bloggers on their birthday. Below is few, free things that they would really appreciate.

  • Leave Blog Comments
    All bloggers thrive on comments. It’s a lonely world out there in the blogosphere. It’s always difficult to determine if the message is getting through.

    You can let bloggers know they are not alone. If you read a post, comment. Even the smallest comment is appreciated. See the comments below this post (and any post), leave a message.

  • Stay Current with
    I use to have a hard time knowing when my favorite bloggers posted something new. Because of that, I was often late to the party. There are multiple tools and readers available to stay on top of new feeds, but I have recently become a fan of I will share the details and examples for another post, but needless to say the “Recipes” are endless.
  • Subscribe to E-mails
    Many site owners have e-mail newsletters or feeds you can subscribe-able feeds. Giving up your email address is the ultimate sign of trust in this modern age. It’s saying “Not only do I like what you have to say, but I trust that you will not SPAM me”. If you like a blogger, show them you like them and trust them.
  • Provide a Link Back
    Giving a link back to a favorite post is a great way to send back an appreciation signal. It not only tells the author that you appreciate the work, but it also tells Google. Any SEO will tell you that a quality link provides great value to a website’s search presence. Artificial links can be purchased every day, but there is nothing more valuable than a well-deserved, well-intended link. Do your bloggers a favor and give them a link.
  • Happy Birthday From Google

    I leave you with one last thing on this 23rd day of October. If you made it this far in the article, you should know today is my birthday

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