BarCamp Nashville
Once again, it’s that time of the year for BarCamp Nashville.

If you want to connect and meet people in the Nashville community, BarCamp Nashville is the best opportunity available. This free conference (er, I mean un-conference) is part networking, part education, and all fun. That’s right fun.

Continued success and growth of BarCamp is essential to the continued technology growth of Nashville. It’s a direct reflection on the innovation and technology scene of Nashville. However, that success can not grow without your help. Attend BarCamp Nashville and test it out.

Mitch Canter, a veteran BarCamp Nashville, has put together a great summary of what you need to know about BarCamp. Here is an excerpt, that I especially think is important.

  1. The Law of Two Feet: If you’re not getting something out of a session, leave. Find a session that speaks to you.
  2. No Rockstars: Everyone from the ‘grizzled veteran’ to the newbie has an equal chance to participate, speak, and interact. And to be interacted with. Always wanted to connect in person with someone? Go up and say hello!
  3. The Law of Null Space: Using the time between sessions to network, meet, etc. In fact, use more than that.

BarCamp Nashville is the premier technology conference in Nashville every year. It’s a must-attend for anyone involved development, design, programming, content and so much more. The event takes place Saturday, November 2 at …. (I can’t tell you)

The location will be revealed to those who register. If you haven’t yet, be sure to go to and register. Nashville needs you.

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